Review of Daxi Sichuan, Flushing, NY (The Chinese Quest)

As if this summer in the city hasn’t been hot enough, we were about to have it cranked up another few notches on our recent visit to Daxi Sichuan in Flushing, NY. Daxi Sichuan is located inside the New World Mall, which is located at 136-20 Roosevelt Avenue #2R, Flushing, NY 11354. Take the escalator up one floor (if you go down, you’ll enter another paradise, the New World Mall Food Court). The only way to know you’re at the entrance to Daxi Sichuan is to remember the Chinese Characters in the picture to the right, for there is no sign in English to let you know that you have arrived.

It was nice to have all five Mee’s together this night. And for once, we weren’t the most raucous table in the restaurant! More on that later…

While waiting for everyone to navigate through the gridlock that is affectionately known as Downtown Flushing, they left a little stinger, I mean appetizer on the table. It looks totally harmless, right? Don’t be fooled. If you put some lighter paper next to it, it would have ignited the paper!


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